Drywall Hat Furring Channel 38mm

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Furring Channel or Hat Channel 38mm. Used to hold wall boards in Drywall ceiling and wall lining applications. It is also used as framings for drop down ceiling.

  • Size” 2.8M*38mm
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Furring Channel or Hat Channel 38mm. Metal furring refers to a non-structural metal attachment that is used to hold a finish material. In metal-framed construction, the furring pieces are long, light gauge materials of various shapes. Builders commonly use metal furring as a method of supporting one layer of material over another, or holding insulation or other construction items between materials. They also use it in order to meet fire codes or provide sound barriers.

While some of the more traditional furring channels come in wood, metal hat channels have become a popular favorite among masons. Metal is found to be better for structural support and can be easily installed without damaging the other materials around it.  Metal is also a preferred choice by many builders because it is fire and sound resistant.

Steel Channels – Hat channels are available in galvanized steel, which can be used in walls or drop ceilings. Steel channels can come in heavier gauges, which makes for a greater loading capacity. If you are building, a steel channel is the most durable, rigid, and reliable material to use. The steel is galvanized to protect it from any chance of corrosion or flames, making it a safe and long-lasting choice to bond to your ceiling or walls. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to install!